Constitution and Rules of Association of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (Irish Group)

Memorandum: The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) is a voluntary association of fee-paying individuals and corporate members. The Association is defined by the Memorandum and Rules of Association of the IAH (IAH Rules) adopted at the XXIV General Assembly in Oslo in June 1993. Individual and Corporate members. When a National Group has more than 10 members the group must elect, or appoint, a National Committee to conduct affairs on behalf of the whole group. The National Committee must appoint two officers (President and Secretary/Treasurer) if finances are to be handled.

A National Group operates within the framework provided by the IAH Rules. In accordance with these rules, and in order to meet the needs of local members, the following local Rules of Association have been drawn up to set out the Aims, Membership and Administration of the Irish National Group.

1 Definition
– The National Group shall be known as the “International Association of Hydrogeologist (Irish Group)”, abbreviated to “IAH (Irish Group)”.

2 Aims
– To represent members of the IAH (Irish Group) in the activities of IAH and in other international activities, as appropriate.
– To promote activities which further the science, technology and profession of hydrogeology.
– To further the continuing education of members in hydrogeology and related activities.
– To promote best practice in all aspects of hydrogeology.
– To promote public awareness of the role and value of hydrogeologist and hydrogeology in society.
– To encourage contact and co-operation with other national and international groups concerned with hydrogeology.

3. Charitable Objects
The main object for which the body is established is furthering the understanding, wise use and protection of groundwater resources throughout the world. This is achieved through the promotional and educational work that the IAH (Irish Group) carries out in Ireland. This is achieved through the hosting of technical discussion meetings, educational courses and an annual conference which highlights issues and research relating to the understanding and protection of groundwater. The IAH Irish Group also run a student bursary scheme which supports hydrogeologists who wish to advance their hydrogeological education.

4 Membership
4.1 Membership of the IAH (Irish Group) shall be open to all members of IAH who pay their annual IAH subscription through the Irish Group. Applications to join IAH through the Irish Group shall be processed by the National Committee.
4.2 Annual subscriptions paid to the IAH (Irish Group) shall be forwarded to the IAH Secretariat after deduction of a defined %, as allowed under IAH Rules 6.8 for local expenses and commitments.

5 Administration
5.1 The affairs of the Irish Group shall be conducted by a National Committee
5.2 The officers shall comprise a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Seminar Secretary, Field Trip Secretary and Education/Publicity Secretary. Officers shall not serve in the same post for more than three consecutive years. Officers shall be proposed and seconded by a member and elected by a secret ballot of all members, except where there is only one nomination for a post, when the officer shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee may co-opt up to four members to assist them.
5.3 The National Committee shall meet at least six times per calendar year. A quorum shall be four elected officers. Decisions shall be made by a majority vote of elected officers. In the event of a tied vote, the president shall have a casting vote.
5.4 The National Committee shall undertake:
– To uphold the aims of the IAH and of the Irish Group in the best interests of members
– To send brief annual reports to the IAH Secretariat
– To collect IAH membership fees and forward them to the IAH Secretariat
– To send a financial statement at the end of each calendar year to the IAH Secretariat
– To organise seminars, field trips, technical discussion meetings, and other events as considered appropriate by the National Committee.
– To hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM), and notify each member as to the venue and agenda at least two weeks in advance.
5.5 Changes to this Constitution may be made by a two-thirds majority of members present at an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting of the IAH (Irish Group).
5.6 The National Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting by giving all members at least two weeks notice of the venue and agenda.

6 Income and Property
The income and property of the IAH (Irish Group) shall be applied solely towards the promotion of main object(s) as set forth in this Constitution. No portion of the IAH (Irish Group) income and property shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to members of the IAH (Irish Group). No charity trustee* shall be appointed to any office of the IAH (Irish Group) paid by salary or fees, or receive any remuneration or other benefit in money or money’s worth from the IAH (Irish Group). However, nothing shall prevent any payment in good faith by the IAH (Irish Group) of;

a) reasonable and proper remuneration to any member or servant of the IAH (Irish Group) (not being a charity trustee) for any services rendered to the IAH (Irish Group);
b) interest at a rate not exceeding 1% above the Euro Interbank Offered Rate (Euribor) per annum on money lent by charity trustees or other members of the IAH (Irish Group) to the IAH (Irish Group);
c) reasonable and proper rent for premises demised and let by any member of the IAH (Irish Group) (including any charity trustee) to the IAH (Irish Group);
d) reasonable and proper out-of-pocket expenses incurred by any charity trustee in connection with their attendance to any matter affecting the IAH (Irish Group);
e) fees, remuneration or other benefit in money or money’s worth to any Company of which a charity trustee may be a member holding not more than one hundredth part of the issued capital of such Company;
f) Nothing shall prevent any payment by the IAH (Irish Group) to a person pursuant to an agreement entered into in compliance with section 89 of the Charities Act, 2009 (as for the time being amended, extended or replaced).

7 Additions, alterations or amendments
The IAH (Irish Group) will ensure that the Charities Regulator has a copy of its most recent governing instrument. If it is proposed to make an amendment to the governing instrument of the organisation which requires the prior approval of the Charities Regulator, advance notice in writing of the proposed changes must be given to the Charities Regulator for approval, and the amendment shall not take effect until such approval is received.

8 Winding-up
If upon the winding up or dissolution of the IAH (Irish Group) there remains, after satisfaction of all debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, it shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the IAH (Irish Group). Instead, such property shall be given or transferred to some other charitable institution or institutions having main objects similar to the main objects of the IAH (Irish Group). The institution or institutions to which the property is to be given or transferred shall prohibit the distribution of their income and property among their members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the IAH (Irish Group) under or by virtue of Clause 5 hereof. Members of the IAH (Irish Group) shall select the relevant institution or institutions at or before the time of dissolution, and if and so far as effect cannot be given to such provisions, then the property shall be given or transferred to some charitable object with the agreement of the Charities Regulator. Final accounts will be prepared and submitted that will include a section that identifies and values any assets transferred along with the details of the recipients and the terms of the transfer.

*charity trustee as defined by section 2(1) of the Charities Act, 2009.