TDMs are a great opportunity for those with an interest in groundwater to meet and discuss the latest developments in the fields relevant to hydrogeology in Ireland and beyond. The TDMs are aimed at hydrogeologists, engineers, local authorities, consultants, planners, environmental scientists, public health officials, professionals and practitioners from a variety of sectors involved with groundwater. TDMs are free and are open all (IAH members and non members).

TDMs are held in the lecture theatre of the Geological Survey of Ireland, Beggars Bush, Dublin 4 on the first Tuesday of each month (Oct to May inclusive). Tea and coffee are served from 5:30pm. The TDMs start at 6:00pm and are also broadcast to centres in Belfast, Kilkenny and Galway. Contact for further details.

The topics covered by TDMs over the years have varied widely. The lecture series includes a number of lectures with fixed focus, such as the joint Geotechnical Society/IAH TDM (January); Burdon lecture on development issues (February); presentations delivered by Early Career Hydrogeologists (March); and the joint Geothermal Society / IAH TDM (May).

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Got a Suggestion for a TDM?

TDMs are organised by Taly Hunter Williams (Geological Survey of Ireland) and Gerry Baker (Arup). Please contact Taly and Gerry with any suggestions for upcoming TDM topics.
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Upcoming TDMs are listed on the Upcoming Events page and presentations from previous TDMs will be available for download soon.