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IAH (Irish Group) run an annual conference, meetings and seminars.  “Technical Discussion” meetings (TDM) are held in the Geological Survey of Ireland, Beggars Bush, Haddington Road, Dublin 4.

Coffee at 17:30, lecture at 18:00 (except some joint meetings with the IEI which are indicated otherwise).

TDM events are also webcast in realtime remotely at the following locations:
Belfast: 4th Floor, The Mac, St Annes Square, Belfast (contact Paul Wilson for more details paul.wilson@detini.gov.uk)
Galway: Earth and Ocean Sciences Department, The Quadrangel Building, NUI Galway.  (contact Niall Mitchell for details niall@bluerockenvironmental.ie)


Conference proceedings and some presentations are available to download free of charge at Past Events.

Sept/Oct 2014


Annual IAH Fieldtrip
Details to be confirmed.
Please contact Aisling Whelan aislingwhelan79@yahoo.com for further details.
3 June 2014
Joint IAH/GAI TDM - postponed until Autumn
24-25 May 2014
Karst Field Course
Please contact Shane Regan regans@tcd.ie for further details.

9 May 2014
Joint GAI/IAH Fieldtrip
Teagasc Agricultural Catchment Project (Castledockerell, Co Wexford) and
award winning ground source heat installation (Borris, Co Carlow)

Please contact
Aisling Whelan aislingwhelan79@yahoo.com for further details.
6 May 2014

Risk assessment of fractured shale gas on overlying aquifers

Dr Zuansi Cai and Dr Ulrich Ofterdinger (Queens University Belfast)

15-16 April 2014



34th IAH Annual Conference, Tullamore

Water Resource Management - The Role of Hydrogeology

4 March 2014


IAH TDM - open forum

An investigation into the effects of the density of on-site wastewater treatment systems on Irish aquifer

Patrick Morrissey (Trinity College Dublin)

Hydrological and hydrochemical characterisation of a lowland karst network

Ted McCormack (Trinity College Dublin)

10 February 2014

Burdon Lecture

Groundwater in the Indo-Gangetic Basin - feeding the world in an uncertain future

Alan McDonald, British Geological Survey/Chair of the Burdon Network
14 January 2014

Joint IAH/GAI/Geotech Soc TDM

The role of water in the failure of mine waste facilities from initiation to degredation

Mike Cambridge (Cantab Consulting Ltd)